MANGO BRULEE Exotic 3.5g




THC: 19.93 %

What is the Mango Brulee Cannabis Strain all about?

The Mango Brulee heavy sativa leaning strain is a cross between Blue Dream and Mango strains of weed. This is an exclusive strain to the Monterey Kush Co. and provides a strong head high and pain relief benefits, as well as a mental boost. The sativa leaning properties means you can be creative and energetic while using this weed.

Effects of Mango Brulee Cannabis Strain ?

The Mango Brulee provides a boost to your daily activities, weather you are relaxing at home and getting into some arts and crafts or just watching some sports with friends, this weed strain will open up the door to conversations and good times. If you are experiencing any pain, then this product provides fantastic relief as well.

Medical benefits of Mango Brulee Cannabis Strain

Mango Brulee is a fantastic cannabis strain for anyone slightly depressed or having a bad day. This strain is known to leave the user with a Happy, energetic and Euphoric feelings. This is not a sedative strain of weed but more of a booster to your daily activities. Try the Monterey Kush Co. Mango Brulee in Los Angeles at PotValet today.


  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Focused
  • Creative


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